ОАО "Калинковичский ремонтно-механический завод"

Our Enterprise was established in 1970. The plant mastered capital repairs of excavators; fabrication of spare parts for them; component overhaul; production of metal structures for water engineering and production equipment for concrete products and non-standard equipment for boiler houses. The Enterprise completely switched production to manufacture of machinery for agriculture and processing industry

At the present time the Enterprise manufactures tillage equipment (semi-mounted spinner-type plow with 4, 5, 8 cases); rakes-swath makers ГВБ; equipment for grain processing industry (elevators, drag-type conveyors УТ type, spiral conveyors, flood gates); farming equipment (meat-and-bones choppers Г-7FIR, spread-making choppers МТК-15П and pumps for them Г-7НПП); barn removers TSN-3B and TSN-160А; grain crushing machines DB-5; washers for root vegetables; animal foodstuffs blenders СКФ; chopping blenders for foodstuff ИСК-3А; hand hoists; single-girder manually operated cranes; traversers; water towers (Rozhnovskogo); storage tanks for petroleum products; equipment and spare parts for rolling mills; equipment and spare parts for cord-and-rope-making. The Enterprise also produces equipment, spare parts and metal constructions formed after customer’s patterns and schematic drawings.

Lately the plant has been backfitted with the newest manufacturing machinery of the following groups:

- lathe machines and CNC machines;

- milling machines and CNC machines;

- boring machines;

- hobbling and spline-milling semi-automatic machines.

Fabrication shop is equipped with semi-automatic welders for welding in carbon dioxide medium. We have air-plasma jet cutting and turret punch press Alpha. The Enterprise is constantly extending its product range, updating machinery equipment and improving products quality.

The plant has stable business relations with partners from Belarus, Russian Federation and Baltic countries.

Since November 2000, the plant is a member of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.